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​Player Development Program

The starting point for "the Player Development Program" is ​​$1,000 down payment and $250 per month.  Each member of the PDP receives a AGFA Titleist golf bag, shirts and hats.  PDP members also receive a year long membership to use at any of the five Sports and Wellness locations in Albuquerque. PDP members also will get 20 rounds of golf to be used at the city of Albuquerque golf courses. ​The PDP team will meet twice a week.

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Golf Lessons For Kids

   The Player Development Program focuses on taking the serious junior golfer and coaching them to become the best player that they can be.  Our Mission is to provide our valued students with the finest instruction, coaching and training available while instilling the following values in our students: Strong work ethic, honesty, good sportsmanship, improved self-esteem, golf skill and physical fitness.  

  The program is based out of the City of Albuquerque Golf Training Center @ Balloon Fiesta Practice Park.  The coaching program runs year round and covers every aspect of the game.  We create a plan for each player and work on that plan for the 12 months to get the most potential out of each player.  

  The foundation of the PDP is seeing players in groups of 6 or less for 3 hours each week.  2 hours of golf coaching and 1 hour of golf fitness in the gym.  We pair our players based on age and skill level to ensure they are learning in the best environment possible.  From here we will custom design every coaching program to the needs of the individual player.  

  If you would like to come in for a meeting and assessment to see if this is the right program for you please contact Coach Bob May @ 505-328-8390 or bobmay@albuquerquegolfandfitnessacademy.com.  Every player needs to try the program for a full session to be sure this is what they want to do.  We are a coaching program and make long term plans and work very hard for our players. Short term swing fixes and coaching that only involves the golf swing is not what we do here. This is the next level up from our golf lessons for kids program. Contact us today to get started.​​

Player Development Program Costs