​​​Albuquerque Golf & Fitness Academy

Adult Programs

                                                          Group Program

Beginning Golf               2 Hrs.               $175 per person

6 week - beginning group class / Classes are 2 Hrs. in length and meet once a week. This class is geared towards the beginning golfer and will get you prepared to start playing on the course.  Each class includes an on course element. 

Intermediate Golf           2 Hrs.                $275 per person
6 week course -  geared towards the player that is beyond the beginning phase and looking to play better on the course.  3 weeks will focus on play on the course and 3 weeks will focus on practice habits for improving your weaknesses . Classes will be 2 hours in length and meet once a week. 

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     2 Hour Total Game Evaluation       The Foundation of Improvement

It’s the most valuable time you can spend on your golf game. Your evaluation will begin with a 17 point TPI full body screen to give me a picture of how functional your body is.  Combined with video analysis you’ll get a complete overview and diagnosis of all your swing mechanics. Then we will move on to the short game and putting evaluation. Once complete I will go over all the information that was gathered during your Game Evaluation.  Based on this information, we’ll create an improvement plan to fit your needs and goals.

Total Game Evaluation $125 

​​  A Game Plan For You and Your Game

Have you ever had a Professional evaluate every aspect of your golf game? How about the physical capabilities of your body?  If you did not answer yes to both of the previous questions, our Total Game Assessment will greatly help you learn about your golf game.  My approach here at Albuquerque 
Golf & Fitness Academy is based on getting to know your game and your physical capabilities.  The fastest way to learn about your areas in need of improvement is with a Total Game Assessment. It provides the information that you and your coach can use to develop a strategy that will be most effective in taking your game to the next level.

             Individual Lessons

   1 Hr. Private Lesson            $75

   1/2 Hr. Private Lesson         $50

   10 - 1 hr. Private Lessons    $600

   20 - 1 hr. Private Lessons   $1,000

3 Day Golf School        8 Hrs./Day       $750 per person

Schools are held on 3 consecutive Thursdays from 8am-4pm. It will be 3 days of intensive work on all aspects of the game.  Each day will consist of a half day of instruction and a half day on the course.  Fees cover all instruction, green fees, range ball fees and lunch daily at the course.  Maximum of 3 students per school.  Great option without the cost of airfare or room.  

School dates are:

​                           Aug. 19,26, Sept. 2

                           Oct. 7,14,21