This is an ongoing program, youth golfers are welcome to join at anytime.    

                              Class Availability :

Mondays   5pm-6pm

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm

Fridays 4pm-5pm

Saturdays 11am-12pm

Saturdays 12pm-1pm

Sundays 12pm-1pm

​Max # of kids per instructor is 6

Clubs are available for use if you do not have.

All classes are held at Los Altos Golf Course

​2021 Youth Program Costs


        Spark/Fundamental Program    $200/ 8 sessions

         Play Level Program                    $350/ 8 sessions

          ​Compete Level Program           $500/ 8 sessions 

​                                                                   Private Lessons  - 1 on 1

             This is 1 on 1 time with the coach. Focus is on refining specific golf skills that the player is wanting to learn or is struggling to get in the program.                                                                                   

                                                                      15  -  Private 1/2 hr. sessions      $525

                                                                      40 -  Private 1/2 hr. sessions      $1,000

​Spark/FUNdamentals: New to Golf 

Ages 5-13 yrs old
Meets 1 x per week for 60 min.
This is perfect program for the future golfer that has had little to no experience at the golf course. Here is where we will develop the athletic skills that your child can use in all of their athletic endevors, including golf.  We will cover the basic skills and concepts of the game, as well as, making them feel comfortable being around players of similar skill and experience.

Train to Play   

Ages 9-13 yrs old
​Meets 2 x per week for 90 min.
This level teaches the student how to play the game of golf.  We take the skills that the student has learned and apply them to the golf course.  They will learn how to keep score, golf etiquette, fitness and basic nutrition, and when to use different shots on the golf course. As always Fun will  be our #1 priority.

Junior Golf Lessons

Click below to request more information about our youth programs or to apply.

Train to Compete 

Ages 10-13 yrs old
Meets 2 x per week for 90 min.
Working close with Coach May these players are ready to start playing in local junior events and perhaps entering more regional events. This level will focus on improving the players competetive skills.  Each player must show solid fundamentals in all areas of their game to move on to this part of the program.  This is not the Player Development Program yet, but is the lead in to that program. Students in this level will be working in smaller groups with Coach May to get them playing on the course at their highest level. 

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