Our belief is that there isn't just one correct way to swing a club, rather there are an unlimited number of swing styles. However, we do believe there is one most efficient way for every player to swing and that swing style is based on what the player can physically do. 

We will educate our students on the importance of the body and how it can effect your golf swing.  Your golf game will benefit most from a healthy and efficiently functioning body.  


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Once the screening is completed, the results are used to create a detailed plan unique for that golfer. That plan may include all or one of the following: fitness training, coaching of swing mechanics, physical therapy treatment, nutrition, mental strategy.  We are a coaching program that takes a long term approach with the players that we are working with. We work very hard to see our players succeed. Short term swing fixes and coaching that only involves the golf swing is not what we do here. Contact us today to get started.​

To help our players attain their most efficient swing, the golfer must first be screened. This screening involves assessing swing mechanics, physical fitness, joint function, current health and a client history.  

​​​Albuquerque Golf & Fitness Academy

The mission of the Albuquerque Golf and Fitness Academy is to provide our valued students with the best coaching available.  ​We will continue keeping up with the latest in new instruction techniques, as well as the latest in instruction technology to provide you with the best coaching.